Switchgear Power Systems

Metal-Clad Switchgear

Switchgear Power Systems metal-clad switchgear is available from 5kV-38kV in outdoor non-walk-in, indoor, and PDC enclosures.


SPS equipment is engineered to order, and is supplied with components from the customer’s preferred manufacturer, including protective relays, meters, circuit breakers, and instrument transformers. SPS engineering and design capabilities provide customers the flexibility to match existing installations, meet unique site requirements, achieve their desired equipment
ratings, or trailer mount the switchgear for mobility.

• Components from all major OEM’s
• Remote Racking and Integral Racking Options
• One-High and Two-High Construction
• Extended Warranty Available
• Third Party Labeling Available
• Continuous Current Ratings of 1200A-4000A
• Voltage Ratings from 5kV-38kV
• Short-Circuit Ratings up to 63kA
• Spring operated or magnetically actuated circuit breakers
• 3-Cycle Circuit Breakers

All switchgear is built and tested in strict accordance with ANSI standard C37.20.2. Galvanneal is
standard for outdoor equipment, and stainless steel can be provided upon request. Additional features include:

  • Paint finish system third-party certified to ANSI standards C57.12.28 and C57.12.29
  • Epoxy coated bus
  • Fully rated bus
  • Welded construction
  • Siesmic rating through IBC Zone 4

Maintaining operator safety is paramount to the design of electrical equipment and systems. SPS switchgear is available with a variety of options to reduce arc flash hazard and increase operator safety, including:

  • Arc flash detection relays
  • IR and ultrasound windows
  • Remote relays and control switches
  • Remote racking
  • Integral racking
  • Maintenance mode switches
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Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Switchgear Power Systems’ line of ANSI class, Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear is another viable option for your power distribution system design. When circuit breakers are not needed or desired, our cost effective approach of load interrupter switchgear may be the best application for your specific project.

Speed and Custom
This 5kV, special height (78″) switchgear required a unique arrangement of terminating in and out of the top of the switchgear. The additional requirements of fitting an existing space and shipping in under four weeks from date of order did not pose a problem for SPS.  Powercon switches and Eaton fuses were utilized in this design.

Utility Approved/Customer Purchased
This 26.4kV Metal-Enclosed Switchgear included a non-fused main, utility metering, and four feeder cubicles utilizing S&C Switches and fuses. By utilizing a 29kV rated switch, 35kV class switchgear was not required. Utility acceptance was needed prior to bidding this project, and SPS specializes in meeting critical utility company requirements including metering, grounding, and ratings.

Add to Existing
Our ability to add on to existing switchgear gives you another dimension of flexibility when making choices on expansions or modifications to your system. We will add on to most manufacturer’s switchgear: circuit breakers or switches; indoor or outdoor, walk in aisle, etc.

Flexible Options
Mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum construction; motor operators; relays and control devices; third party certification; special sizes; NEMA 1, 4, 3R non-walk-in, 3R walk-in, and PDC construction; seismic ratings; skid mounted; special colors, etc are just a few of the readily available options from SPS.

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Switchgear Power Systems’ ability to design, engineer and manufacture metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear, transformer disconnects, and custom low voltage switchgear (low voltage switchgear is not yet illustrated on this site) presents yet another area of expertise in the unitized substation market.

Our flexible approach and ability to offer switchgear across the low and medium voltage spectrum gives you a viable source in the unitized substation market.

SPS will work with you to supply the complete system including the transformers or work closely with you to co-ordinate engineering and design when you supply the transformers, or the primary or secondary portions of the substation.

Portable and Flexible

SPS supplied eight 34.5kV to 4.16kV units to a major US utility. The 3750 kVA transformer contained an automatic load tap changer. The switchgear was designed for future 15kV operation and operate initially at 5kV. The portable skid design allowed this customer to build “instant substations” by purchasing the switchgear and the transformers mounted on the skid at the factory. SPS designed the oil containment bin with automatic water drainage incorporating oil traps/filters in the drainage system.


Speed and Design/Build

These 5kV stainless steel unitized substations were concurrently designed with the specifying engineer and then manufactured and shipped within eight weeks to meet the end user’s schedule. The custom paint, medium voltage switch, dry-type transformer, and low voltage breaker integrated with the control system were designed to fit a very compact retrofit space on a ship-loading crane. Hurricane-resistant air louvers/filters, solid bottom, gasketed doors and provisions for customer-supplied drives units were key factors in the design of these unitized substations.


Retrofit Replacement

During an annual inspection / test, our customer determined that the transformers and switchgear at multiple sites of the facility needed to be replaced. We sourced the liquid-filled transformers and designed the switchgear with a selector switch arrangement to match the existing footprint and conduit locations of the original switchgear/transformers.


Flexible Options:

Mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction; motor operators; relays and control devices; third party certification; special sizes; NEMA 1, 4, 3r non-walk in, 3r walk in, and PDCB construction; seismic ratings; skid mounted; special colors, etc are just a few of the readily available options from SPS.

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Switchgear Power Systems offers highly custom or industry-standard designs on pad-mount live-front and dead-front switchgear to 38kV. Our capabilities include cross-utilization of components from a number of key suppliers that allows you the ability to specify or assist in the design of switchgear to meet your exact needs.

Unique Configurations
This dead-front 15kV, 600 amp switch with four feeder switches and a tie switch included unique features such as: visible break on all switches; S&C switches; welded, stainless steel construction; powder coat paint to 5 mils DFT; copper bus bar.

200 Amps
This pad-mount switchgear incorporated 200 amp switches in a standard model 10 configuration. Delivery was critical (8 weeks) and SPS performed.

From Oil to Air Insulation
Our customer requested that the oil-insulated switches installed at a US Air Force Base be replaced with air-insulated switchgear. We designed the replacement units to match the original footprint, with termination heights and locations to eliminate the need to replace any of the cabling, conduit, or concrete. The result was a low cost replacement with drastically reduced down time.

Flexible Options
Mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum construction; motor operators; custom switch arrangements; third party certification; seismic ratings; relaying and metering packages; and special dimensions are all readily available options from SPS.

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The Switchgear Power Systems PDC is a custom engineered, environmentally controlled, pre-fabricated enclosure built to house electrical equipment. Each PDC is designed to meet the specific needs of our customer’s project. SPS Power Distribution Centers set the standard for flexibility, reliability, and performance.

Switchgear Power Systems PDC’s are designed with longevity in mind. All exterior components are constructed using A60 galvanneal, and finished with a proven paint system tested to ANSI standard C57.12.28. Exterior walls are interlocked and gasketed, which combined with our welded and capped roof panel design delivers unparalleled protection from the environment. Interior panels and joiners utilize a unique tab and slot design, eliminating the need for screws and rivets and providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

SPS PDC’s are proven to stand up to the harshest environments, including waste water treatment, pulp and paper mills, corn mills, and mining facilities.

SPS quality begins at order entry and design and continues through equipment delivery and commissioning. Each PDC is custom designed to the specific needs of the project, and thoroughly tested in accordance with the latest industry standards, including a rain test in an indoor test booth.

Our rigorous quality process combined with unmatched workmanship and design ensures every PDC delivers to the customer ready for decades of reliable operation.

SPS PDC’s are proven to stand up to the harshest environments, including waste water treatment, pulp and paper mills, corn mills, and mining facilities.

SPS PDC’s comply with the following industry standards:

  • International Building Code
  • Uniform Building Code
  • National Electric Code
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • American National Standards Institute
  • National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association
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