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Real View Mimic Panels

Real-View Mimic Panel is a remote control panel for switchgear or other electrical equipment which enables the operator to control the equipment from a safer distance (outside the arc flash hazard zone). Real-View has a compact size and unique look that combines the physical front view of the switchgear and the FULL power system protection one-line diagram.  This gives you more system information in an intuitive layout for faster decision making or troubleshooting during power outages.

Your full protection one-line is always visible – remote controls are always ready.

Remote operation of equipment such as :

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
    • Remote Racking of the Breakers
    • Remote Grounding of Feeder Breakers (coming soon)
    • With or without Protective Relays
  • Substation Circuit Breakers
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Medium Voltage Motor Control

Real-View Mimic Panel  has your one-line diagram and key safety information encapsulated inside durable acrylic.  More of the safety information needed during emergency black-outs or maintenance outage like identifying ALL voltage sources, automation schemes, interlocks or even lockout procedures, are in a permanently visible place on the front of the mimic panel. The Real-View Mimic Panel gives near instant recognition of WHICH breaker control switch to operate. Real-View meets NEC 490.48B requirement for Permanent Substation Diagrams. By adding more of your safety information in plain view and remote control, the Real-View Mimic Panel functions as a safety center enhancing your Lockout / Tagout procedure.


Meets New NEC 490.48B on Substation Diagrams

  • Improves lockout/tagout safety and arc flash safety
  • A permanently visible map of your electrical system, LOTO and safety points
  • Safer operation of the electrical equipment outside the arc flash zone