Maddox Transformers™

Low Voltage Dry-Type Transformer


Maddox air-cooled low voltage transformers are ideal for power distribution below 600v. They are known for their durability, reliability, and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for a wide range of power distribution applications.

Medium Voltage Dry-Type Transformer


Maddox unit substation dry-type transformers are designed for medium voltage power distribution where liquid-cooling is not an option, such as indoor power distribution line-ups, or outdoor areas with environmental concerns.

Padmount Transformer

The safety and security of a Maddox tamper-proof padmount transformer make them the ideal choice for installations which may be accessible by the public, or any situation where underground cabling is preferred.

Substation Transformer


Maddox’s liquid-filled distribution substation, and power-class substation transformers are designed, built, and tested in accordance with the highest industry standards including NEMA, ANSI C.57, DOE, and IEEE as applicable. With a range of customizable features, Maddox substations can be configured to maximize performance, minimize potential arc flash exposure, and address environmental concerns. All designs can be supplied with full, or partial length air terminal chambers to make installation easy.


Maddox switchgear comes in pad-mounted and metal-enclosed configurations for your padmount or unit substation transformer.

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