Power Assemblies™

Power Assemblies™

Power Assemblies is a manufacturer of portable power products for generator dealers, electrical and general contractors, banks, hospitals, and the military.

The company was founded in 2006 and has locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bend, Oregon and Pompano Beach, Florida.

Cable Assemblies

Power Assemblies cable assemblies consists of the highest quality components from United States manufacturers. All cable assemblies below 2000V can be CSA & Cul listed as an assembled product. The connectors are compatible with all major brands. Lengths and connectors can be customized to meet your  exact specifications.

Company Switches


Power Assemblies has designed a Company Switch that embodies beauty in its simplicity. The Power Assemblies Company Switch is UL 891 listed and fitted with either molded case switches or circuit breakers. It comes with a lockable bottom CAM Lock Connector section and a lockable door that cannot be opened while the Company Switch is under load. This simple design allows for a low-cost unit that still provides high-quality materials and components.

Transformer Distribution Units

Power Assemblies has developed a sleek and powerful line of Transformer Distribution Units. These units are constructed of heavy duty steel and are coated with ArmorTEK for long lasting protection. Each unit contains two straight and two swivel heavy duty casters for maximum mobility.
Transformers come in single and three phase arrangements. Optional primary side protection provided by molded case thermal magnetic circuit breaker. Units contain input and output series 16 camlocks for easy connection in the field.

Cam Lock Connection Boxes

Power Assemblies has developed a line of Cam Lock Connection Boxes that provide the ease and speed of industry-standard Series 16 CAM connectors. Now you can have this type of quick connection system in a wide range of applications.
Camlock connector covers are included. 90 deg Camlock connectors come with clear snapback cover and 45 deg Camlock connectors come with caps and lanyards.

“BEETLE BOX” Spider Boxes

Power Assemblies’ Beetle Box is a portable, stackable, power distribution center built for maximum functionality. The Beetle Box’s rugged non-metallic construction and GFI circuit protection provide safety and durability in any environment. The Beetle Box is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a stronger, safer, and portable way to distribute power at their job site.

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