PQube 3 Power Analyzers

PQube 3 power analyzers measure, identify, and record all power quality disturbance, and environmental process parameter data in real-time.

The PQube® 3 series of high-speed, 3-phase revenue-grade power quality analyzers connect directly to voltages up to 690 V and auto-configures by auto-detecting the mains frequency, wiring configuration and nominal voltage.

The PQube 3 series of power analyzers boast an impressive number of standard features including intuitive touch-screen display, up to 14 energy metering channels, 4-quadrant metering, alarms, and automatic reporting. Our power analyzers are made sturdy and compact, easily fitting into production equipment, data centers, rackmounts or harsh environments.

PQ1 Power Quality Sensor

PQ1 detects in 500 nanoseconds, higher impulse and voltage swell events, and significant and minor voltage sags. It immediately signals each event from the front panel LEDs as well as to a computer log file using relay contacts. Our power quality sensor adapts to international voltages between 100VAC and 240VAC, and operates at 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz. Higher voltages, including utility distribution voltages and input voltages up to 600 vrms can be monitored by hooking it up to an external transformer.

Low Voltage Fixed Capacitor Banks

PowerCap is Powerside’s complete range of reliable wall or floor mount, fixed and automatic low voltage capacitor and harmonic filter banks. Used in industrial and commercial environments, they’re designed for load-side compensation use and for nominal voltages ranging from 480V to 600V.  They’re an affordable choice to improve power factor correction caused by loads such as reactive power demand, harmonics, and unbalanced consumption.

The PowerCap series is designed to provide power factor correction for:

  • Normal, fixed loads
  • Moderate harmonics, fixed loads
  • High harmonics, fixed loads
  • Normal, variable loads

Active Harmonic Filter Banks

Powerside active harmonic filters provide a fast return on investment. The quick and effective response of a PowerAct active harmonic filter to power system variations enables higher process reliability, longer equipment life, reduced energy costs, and dependable productivity. PowerAct dramatically improves power quality by mitigating harmonics, stabilizing voltage, balancing phase loads, and compensating for poor power factor. It’s a core building block of our smart grid product solutions. PowerAct makes it easy to comply with power quality standards and demanding grid codes.



  • Compensation for all odd harmonics up to the 51st order, with no limitation
  • 4 priority settings that compensate for harmonics, dynamic reactive power, voltage control and unbalanced loads
  • Full power up to 800 V and tolerance to overvoltage category III up to 1000 V
  • 3-level IGBT inverter topology with DC-bus film capacitors
  • Dedicated cooling chimney protects electronics
  • Ability to grow to 750A inside one cabinet
  • Current and voltage control compensation, eliminating the installation of a current sensor
  • Intuitive HMI via local 7” touch screen or remote access via TCP/IP
  • A predictive algorithm that provides anti-resonance protection during network changes
  • Advanced and comprehensive monitoring and reporting
  • Compliant with IEEE-519-2014, EN 55011, class A1 and others
  • 20-year life expectancy under normal operating conditions
  • Wall-mount unit available


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