Midwest Switchgear Services

Our reconditioning and repair capabilities offer a proven life extension option to existing circuit breakers and switchgear. Our extensive scope of work includes complete disassembly, replating of all mechanism and current carrying components, and replacement of all necessary bushings, bearings, and hardware.

Your reconditioned equipment will look, perform, and be tested to factory new specifications.

As a result of new Arc Flash regulations, procedure for properly racking a circuit breaker safely has changed dramatically. Midwest Switchgear Services can supply custom designed circuit breaker cubicles for customer to train their operators, electricians, and engineers on new racking procedures. These training cubicles can also be utilized to train plant personnel on the proper usage of newly purchased remote racking units.

We can supply remote racking cubicles of all manufacturers and sizes, including 15KV, 5KV, and 600V Class Switchgear. A variety of options include incoming control power, auxiliary and controls witches, indicating lights, sight windows, and internal cubicle lighting. Different makes of 480V breakers can be supplied in a single vertical section.

Midwest Switchgear has a 24 hour emergency response team to react quickly to any circuit breaker or switchgear failure. We take tremendous pride in restoring your equipment back to service in around the clock fashion. Our experienced technicians and our large inventory have positioned us to be an industry leader in switchgear restoration.

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