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MGM Transformer Company was
established in 1975 as a dry
transformer manufacturer.

 MGM started as a dry-type manufacturer in 1975 but quickly
introduced liquid units to it’s product line in 1982. By 1990, MGM Transformer
had grown to become the largest independent transformer manufacturer west of the Mississippi.

Into the early 90’s MGM operated solely out of it’s facility in Los Angeles, California but in 1991, to expand it’s product portfolio, MGM Transformer Company opened a 120k sqft facility in Tijuana, MX. This allowed MGM to produce Low Voltage units in Mexico, and focus it’s U.S. operations on the more complicated Medium Voltage units.

In the recent decades, there has been a significant growth in transformers for specialty applications as the electrical infrastructure changes and users have looked for ways to improve efficiencies to reduce power costs. MGM Transformer Company has responded by building an engineering staff that specializes in the application and design of these sophisticated systems with designs for Drive Isolation, Traction Duty, Grounding, Mining, and High Rise transformers applications.

General purpose 600V-class transformers from 10 to 1500 KVA


MGM general purpose low voltage transformers are stocked in 20 major cities across the continental United. They are rated for 600V for supplying power loads from electrical distribution systems. Standard features for stocked units include:
  • DOE 2016 Efficiency Compliant
  • UL 506, UL1561 Compliant
  • Aluminum or Copper Windings
  • 60Hz
  • Min. 60dB Common Mode Noise Attenuation(Single Shield)
  • 150°C Temperature Rise
  • Seismically Certified per ASCE/SEI 7-05
  • OSHPD OSP Pre Approval

>General Purpose – Stocked


For special applications, MGM develops made-to-order units with any voltage combination, tap arrangement, winding option and enclosure type. Examples of special applications include, but are not limited to, low-noise-designs, Marine duty, TENV, Auto-transformers, and OSHPD certified enclosures.

MGM manufactures these customized units in-house and carries large amounts of inventory to ensure the shortest lead times in the industry. For most custom units, MGM can quote, design, manufacture, and ship in less than 3 weeks – a speed that’s unmatched by any other industry participant. Ask about our Bull Rush program for details

>General Purpose – Custom


K Factor Rated Transformers include several major design improvements that address the problems caused by non-linear loads and harmonics. They are designed to withstand the effects of harmonic currents without exceeding the temperature rating of the insulation system. The K Factor design compensates for the stresses on a transformer’s winding insulation which prevents insulation breakdown and premature failure and results in a longer transformer life.
To build a K Factor Rated Transformers MGM uses a high grade, non-aging, grain-oriented silicon steel with high magnetic permeability provides reduced core induction levels, preventing saturation as a result of the higher frequency harmonics and resultant peak voltages. In a core approaching saturation, the current in the coil will increase as voltage drops because the core cannot absorb the additional magnetic flux. This core also provides reduced eddy currents or induced currents in the steel caused by the high ratios of peak-to-RMS currents and voltages found in harmonic loads. Additionally, the neutral bus is sized and configured to accommodate at least 200% of the rated current to compensate for the increased neutral currents found in non-linear loads thus reducing heat.

>K Factor Rated


Harmonic Mitigating Transformers, or HMT’s, are specifically designed to minimize the voltage distortion and power losses that result from the harmonics generated by non-linear loads such as personal computers. Treating harmonics with transformers have many benefits including:
  • Allows you to utilize the full capacity of the transformer – there is no need to de-rate the transformer below the nameplate capacity because of the reduction in heat.
  • Decreases maintenance and replacement costs as a result of harmonic reduction
  • The operation of the transformer can operate at a lower temperature which extends the life of the unit and cooling costs in the area where the transformer is installed

Harmonic Mitigating


Totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) transformers are used when conductive, corrosive, or combustible materials are present, which might damage a transformer, or lint and dust particles which might block the ventilation passages. Example of applications include textiles, chemical, automotive, electrochemical, foundry, cement, food, paper, and other industries where the transformer is subject to spray or wash down conditions. Without ventilation openings, TENV enclosures are larger than those of the standard ventilated type because heat is dissipated by radiating from the surface area of the enclosure.



Medium Voltage dry-type transformers up to 10 MVA and 34.5kV


MGM’s Medium Voltage distribution transformers are used in a wide variety of Commercial, Residential, and Industrial applications.  These ventilated transformers come in single-phase and three-phase and are available in a variety of primary and secondary voltage combinations including non-standard voltage arrangements.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable  UL, cUL, NEMA, IEEE and ANSI standards and have efficiency levels at or above DOE 2016 requirements.

General Purpose



For nearly 5 decades, MGM Transformer has specialized in Medium Voltage Substation design and production. MGM private labels for many of the most demanding multi-national OEMs in addition to providing its own branding offering.

MGM’s standard designs cover the full range or requirements from 5kV to 34.5kV and from 500kVA to 10,000 kVA.  As an Engineering-oriented company we are able to design the high voltage/low voltage switchgear interface to assure the proper match in the field. As required, MGM can offer non-standard substation designs for special situations such as failed unit retrofitting or PCB replacement.

All manufacturing processes are completed on premises and all designs are completed in-house by our experienced staff of Engineers. This advantage, along with a large inventory of Electrical Steel and Wire assures customers of the industry’s shortest standard lead times.

Dry Substation



Liquid filled substation transformers are used in a wide variety of Commercial and Industrial applications. MGM’s high grade materials and state of the art technology will deliver years of high reliability service.

MGM’s liquid filled transformers can be designed with a number of different dielectric coolant choices including Mineral Oil, Silicone Fluid, or Fire-Resistant Hydrocarbon Fluid (FR3) and use a tank construction with precision cut steel braced to withstand the stresses of shipping, rolling and jacking.

MGM designs and manufacturers each component of it’s liquid-filled transformer in-house which allows it to manage complex, customized applications including VaporTran replacements. Not only can MGM design units to fit within the existing VaporTran footprint, but they can also support the decommissioning and removal of the VaporTran unit.

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